Company Information

Company Status Public Limited Company (Unlisted)
Certificate of Incorporation C-192 LR of 1975-76
National Tax Number 0912608-2
External Auditor M/s KRESTON Hyder Bhimji & Co
Chartered Accountants
Amin Building,
65-The Mall, Lahore
Tel +92-42-37352661,+92-42-37321043
Fax +92-42-37248113
Tax Consultant M/s KPMG Taseer Hadi & Co
Chartered Accountants
351-Shadman 1, Jail Road Lahore, Pakistan
Tel +92-42-111576484
Legal Advisor Barrister Haider Rasul Mirza
Advocate High Court,
19- Ganga Ram Mansion,
The Mall Road,Lahore
Tel +92-42-37235410
Cell +92-0300-8407766
Business Sector Fertilizer Marketing
Holding Company National Fertilizer Corporation of Pakistan
Ministry Ministry of Industries & Production,
Government of Pakistan
Office Timings: 08: am to 04:pm (Monday thru Friday)